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Power Tools Testing Service Berwick

The power tools you use on site are the ingredients you need not just to make a home or building, but to make your living. Without your power tools you may not just be slowed down but you may be prevented from doing your job at all. We understand how important your tools are to you so we treat them with the same respect you give them and make sure that they are serving you the way they should. We want to protect you from danger and keep you on the right side of safety for your next Work Safe inspection by providing a fast, reliable and affordable test and tagging service.


Different Types of Power Tools

There are many different types of power tools that you can use in your day to day work life, and all of these need to be tested to be sure they are safe and working correctly as they should.

Even battery tools, the tools themselves can’t be checked, but the chargers for the batteries can be tested for leakage and shorting wires.

We make sure that there are no issues within your tools, and if your tools are found as faulty, Make sure you are safe on site by having your power tools routinely tested and tagged.


Ensuring Their Safety

When a power tool doesn’t pass our test, that means that there is likely an exposed wire from either faulty wiring or your tools being overused and wires becoming loose or exposed from heat.

This means that your power tool is now unsafe to use and can cause you an electric shock or even worse, start a very dangerous fire

Scheduled Testing

Your tools legally need to be tested at least every year to make sure they are safe to use on any job site. Protect yourself from being caught out with our scheduled testing, we can come to you right before your tags expire to retest them, you don’t even have to call us, we’ll remember!


Fast and Efficient Testing Process

The last thing you want is another delay in your work. Testing from other services can take a while but not with us, each tool takes less than a minute and you can be straight back to your work in no time. We don’t want to take up any of your time, we just want to make sure you’re working as safe as possible.

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