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Test And Tag Service In Berwick

Keep your tools, appliances and electrical equipment safe from damage by ensuring that it’s appropriately tested and is definitely safe for use.

Testing and tagging helps to establish that there are no loose or exposed wires within an electrical appliance that could be causing issues to the tool itself, the power source or posing a risk to the user.

A continuity test takes less than a minute and is the best way to make sure there are no issues within the appliance that can catch you off guard.

Why Choose Us For Your Testing?

Berwick Test and Tag comes to you and can test your equipment on the spot to make sure that it’s functioning properly.

WE can quickly test your equipment or tools so you’re back to work without having to worry about the safety of your electrical equipment.

Berwick Test and Tag has built a name for itself over the years as Melbourne’s leading test and tag specialist.

We work hard to provide a seamless yet thorough service that our customers are happy with, and are proud to say that we are considered the best in the market.

We make sure that all our equipment is top of the line and that our staff are properly trained to use them effectively, so you can have the peace of mind that when we say your equipment is safe, you know that it is.

We are qualified electricians so we can also fix or replace anything that needs it on the spot.

Appliance Testing

Appliances can wear quite quickly.

As power goes through the wires of the appliance, sometimes they can heat up and degrade the wire, causing it to become unsafe and a potential fire hazard.

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Power Tools Testing

Don’t be the one at work that can’t do their job because their tools aren’t up to code.

Get your tools tested with us to make sure that you can keep working and that your tools are safe to use.

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RCD Testing

The RCD on your devices protect them from power surges which can render any appliance or tool useless if it gets through. There’s only way to make sure your RCD is still functioning properly and that’s to make sure its been tested once a year.

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Commercial Testing

Large commercial job sites need reliable test and tag work.

If Work Safe does an impromptu inspection and your equipment isn’t up to standard, you can face fines or even a mandatory shut down of work until everything is up to standard. Click here for more info

Domestic Testing

Make sure that your TV, iron or fridge are all functioning properly with a quick test from us.

We can test and tag all your appliances to make sure they’re safe for use.

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Leakage is when the power in your appliance escapes through a thin or exposed wire and makes contact with the body of the device, shorting out and potentially giving you a shock. It is not always apparent that it is happening till it is too late

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Test And Tag Service In Berwick

Our Electrical Services

As qualified electricians, no matter what needs testing rest assured we can test it and make sure that it’s safe for you to use at home, at the office or on the job site.

We know there’s nothing more embarrassing than a spot check by Work Safe and they find that all your tags are out of date, so leave it to us to update them and even send you reminders when they need to be checked again.

We can take care of all your testing needs and make sure that your jobsite, office or home remains safe from all the electrical equipment you have there.

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If you want to be sure that your home, office or job site is safe from unwanted power shorts or even fire risks, make sure you get all the electric equipment tested with us, we can make sure that everything is safe and up to date for you.

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