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If your office has any electrical equipment in it like computers, appliances or specialist equipment, WorkSafe requires those items to all be appropriately tested to make sure there are no electric faults within them that can cause harm to people or even start a fire.

Anything with electric circuitry in it can cause a problem over time, as the wires slowly degrade they can short and cause a big problem if they aren’t protected properly.

Our testing protocols test the thickness of the wire and ensure that there is no power leakage that can cause this issue in your appliances, saving you from damage or harm that is unnecessary.

A test with our testing equipment is extremely quick, with it taking less than a minute per device to test, we can have your whole office checked out in an afternoon so you can get back to business without having to worry about disruptions.


If you want to make sure that your office is up to date on its safety regulations then make sure you give us a call.

Our electricians can speak with you over the phone and discuss your needs, and if we can help you then we will send one of our technicians to your site to start testing.

Getting in touch with us is easy, just use the number listed here on our contact page to call us or send us an email using our contact form listed here and we’ll respond straight away.

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