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RCD Tester With Berwick Test And Tag

Keeping You and your staff safe with regular RCD testing is vital for everyone!

Your tools and electrical equipment often get put through their paces, and depending on the equipment itself, they can be subject to power fluctuations either through their use or the power source they are connected to. Especially if you’re on a job site using a generator, power surges can be a regular occurance that can render your tools useless if they get caught out. However these power surges come to happen, an RCD is a device that protects your tools from these power surges, either from inside the tool itself or from the power source that it’s connected to. When they sense the power or the resistance in the tool get to high, they have an inner circuit that trips, turning off the tool and preventing any damage being done. Berwick Test and Tag can help to both fit these RCDs and test them to make sure that they are operating as they should. Don’t get caught out with faulty tools and devices, we can help to protect your investments with RCDs that work properly.


Fitting and Removing RCD’s

An RCD usually goes between the plug of the tool and the power outlet, with a small box that has a test and reset button on them. The built in test function is great for a day to day test but we recommend a proper test with professional equipment at least annually. If you have important equipment that aren’t protected by an RCD, we can fit them for you or remove existing ones that aren’t functioning properly.


Proper RCD Testing Equipment

RCD units usually have their own testing methods but these don’t actually give you any understanding of how effective the unit is. Our testing equipment not only tests the function of the RCD’s internal fuse system, but gives us a timer on how long it takes for it to switch off – this time is extremely important as the RCD can be faulty if it takes too long to trip. Our equipment is always kept up to date with regular inspections and calibrations, so if your RCD has been approved by our testing equipment you can be rest assured that it’s in good working order.


Testing the Tools Attached to Your RCD

If you’d like extra security to know that everything is ok and your equipment is safe to use, we can organise a test of the tools that your RCD is attached to and ensure that it’s also functioning properly and you aren’t protecting malfunctioning equipment. Feel safe and secure after we have established that all your equipment is up to standard and working properly.


Legal and Official Credentials

The last thing you need is a pack of amateurs coming to your job site without knowing what they’re doing, testing your equipment and not actually being sure if its safe or not. All our technicians are qualified and registered to be testing your equipment, you can rest assured that when we give it the stamp of approval, it is definitely safe.

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