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We know how important it is for your workplace to stay running smoothly. The last thing you need is a workplace accident or a surprise visit from WorkSafe shutting down your site because something as simple as your test and tagging isn’t up to date.

We can come to your site and test all your equipment, making sure that everything is up to date.

Don’t get caught out with out of date tags.

Berwick Test and Tag in to update all your tags and make sure that all the tools you’re using are safe and secure for your job site.


Speedy Service

We work quickly to get your equipment tested so your contractors can go straight back to work. Each item takes roughly a minute to test, so within 5 minutes we can go through all the tools in your contractors tool box and be onto the next person, minimising the amount of down time you have to deal with, maximising your productivity and limiting the amount of job site incidents you have.


Advanced Technology and Processes

Testing and tagging technology has come a long way with what we’re able to test. We want to be able to provide a service that isn’t just reliable but fast so that you can get the results you want without lengthy disruptions to your work.


Scheduled Testing

We know that testing and tagging isn’t everyone's passion and it can be easy to forget when your next inspection is due. Don’t feel like you need to constantly be checking your tools for the expiry date, when we visit your site and test your equipment, we make sure to log it in our systems so that we know when your next inspection is due. If you like we can contact you to organize the next inspection so that you aren’t caught out with out of date tags on your equipment.


Service Without Interruption

Don’t lose time on your site with unnecessary waiting while someone slowly tests your equipment – our electricians check equipment quickly and try to be strategic about it, testing the equipment you aren’t using first to save you the hassle of stopping what you’re doing.

We understand your business requires your workers to work at their hardest all day so we try not to interrupt them during testing.

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