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Electrical Installation Service For Appliance Testing

Test And Tag Berwick For Electrical Testing

Berwick Test and Tag started just testing small equipment but as our business has grown so have our services that we offer.

We are qualified electricians, so we can also repair or replace any damaged electrical wiring, power points and switchboard elements.

We can conduct and electrical safety audit at your workplace as well.

Have you noticed that your power supply can seem interupted at times?

Maybe lights flickering when several appliances are being used?

Or maybe some appliances create short circuits when they are used?

We now offer every possible testing capability, so no matter what it is that you need tested, we can handle it for you.

Let us know what it is that you need and we will make sure that it’s done for you, simply give us a call on our contact number and we’ll take care of the rest.


  • Appliance Testing
  • Power Tools Testing
  • RCD Testing
  • Commercial Testing
  • Domestic Testing
  • Leakage

Safety Switch Testing. Keep Your Property Safe.

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