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Test And Tag For Leakage When Testing Power Tools

Technically – We Do NOT Repair Appliances

But we tell you when you need to repair your appliances and tools

When a tool, appliance or any electrical equipment gets used enough, it can start to heat up and wear out.

This causes the wires inside of the device to wear through and the plastic around the wires to slowly melt or deteriate away, leaving exposed wires that can have dire consequences to the tool or appliance itself, the user or the environment around it.

When exposed wires are left inside a device they can short out against each other, creating sparks and excess heat that can lead to serious fires that can cause huge amounts of damage.

It can also lead to your getting an electric shock from the equipment and since these devices often run on 240 volt power an electric shock can be very dangerous.

To protect yourself against this, you can organise regular testing to make sure that everything inside the electrical equipment is safe and operating properly.


Understanding The Problem

For us to be able to properly assess the equipment we need to understand whats causing these problems.

Exposed wires are a symptom from many different environmental causes, from the surrounding temperature, any water that gets inside the device, over use or even faulty manufacturing are just some of the reasons that your equipment can fault and cause these symptoms.

The Equipment We Use

We want to make sure that not only you are confident in our results, but we are too! That’s why we invest in top of the line testing equipment that not only give reliable results but also work quicker to perform these tests, saving both you and us time testing your equipment.

Our Testing Process

We know that such an important test probably seems like it will take a while, involving you dropping off the equipment for us to spend days testing, but thankfully the testing process is actually very fast and requires minimal effort from you.

All we do is come to your job site or home, plug your equipment into our testing device and run the test. It takes less than a minute to get a positive or negative result, then we tag the electrical equipment accordingly and move on to the next piece that needs testing.

Regular Tagging

Most worksites and site offices require regular testing testing in order to make sure that everything remains safe and compliant.

We can organise to follow up with you just before you are due to get your equipment tested again from the original test to make an appointment to come out again and test everything, ensuring that nothing is overlooked in your home, office or job site.

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Portable Equipment Tested And Tagged For Electrical Compliance

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