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About Our Electrical Test And Tag Service

We are qualified electricians, so we can also repair or replace any faults that we find when we undertake your test and tag work.

Testing and tagging allows us to check the continuity of your tools to make sure there are no exposed wires that can threaten the use of your tools and damage your power source, not to mention cause harm to the user.

We can quickly inspect all your tools, appliances and switchboards and then tag it accordingly and return it to you.


Berwick Test and Tag have been doing this for years, and we’ve learned all the ways to make the process as streamline as possible for you.

Our business started small, helping out friends and family with their test and tag requirements and now we service all of Melbourne!

If you want to use a service that has a reputation in the industry for being trustworthy and reliable, make sure you get us to handle your test and tagging for your job site so you can work safely.

Keeping Your Powertools and Your Workplace Safe With Yearly Testing Is Important

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